Why Fresh Simple Greens?

No Harmful Chemicals

We don't spray our crops with harmful chemicals.

Water Efficient

We use 95% less water than traditional farming. All our excess water from watering gets recirculated back through the system.

Year Round

Our controlled environment system allows us to grow year round. That's right! Fresh lettuce in the winter is a thing now.

Longer Shelf Life

Most lettuce in the United States travels hundreds if not thousands of miles before it reaches its final destination. Our lettuce is grown right here in your community, so it doesn’t have to travel far to reach your plate. That means better shelf life, and better flavor.

More Nutritious

Store bought greens lose the majority of their vitamin content in transit. Our greens are harvested as close as possible to the delivery time, and don't have to travel nearly as far, so they retain more vitamins than store bought greens that travel for days.

  • Step 1

    Pick your Size. Choose from 3 sizes of Farm Shares. We offer small, medium, and large options to fit your needs.

  • Step 2

    Select a frequency. Sign up for a weekly or biweekly subscription, or purchase a one time Farm Share to try it out.

  • Step 3

    Choose a fulfilllment option. Your Farm Share can be picked up locally or delivered right to your door. (Delivery is available in limited areas right now.)

    Check if pickup or delivery are available in your area.