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Fresh Simple Greens

Winterbor Kale

Winterbor Kale

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Traditionally grown kale consistently lands itself in the dirty dozen. (That's a list of the top 12 foods with that are sprayed with the most pesticides.) But not our kale. We grow in a controlled environment, so we don't have to use the harmful chemicals that they use in traditional kale farming.

Traditional kale has a larger leaf that tends to be stalky and tough. Our kale has a smaller leaf (not a baby leaf, but smaller than traditional kale). It has a much softer texture than you are probably used to with kale.

Whether you use it in a soup, salad, or smoothie, you will love the taste, and texture of this kale and your body will thank you for eating one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world. Kale yeah!

Delivery or Pickup

Produce is harvested every Friday.

You can pick up your order at our farm in Huntsville. We are also currently offering delivery to customers in Huntsville for a small additional fee.

If you are interested in setting up a pickup location in your area please let us know!

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Customer Reviews

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Susie Morgal

Best kale I have ever had....except when mine actually grows....

Kathleen C Elken
Living Up to Your Name!

The Winterbor Kale is so fresh, simple, and green…plus delicious and nutritious!


Great taste